Saturday, March 26, 2005

Pedro: My Back Is Not An Issue

Even though Pedro wasn't able to pitch last night due to a stiff lower back, he told the Times that it's not an issue. X-rays were negative, and both the team and Martinez contend that he will pitch on Tuesday or Wednesday for a final time this Spring, and then be ready for Opening Day.

I'm just doing what anybody would do in spring training, play it safe," Martínez said. "I'll work on it and will still have time to continue or finish the job we have been doing in spring training. That's simply it. This is no big deal. Anybody, after a long time in spring training, could get a dead arm, back stiffness, ankle, shin splints, stuff like that.Although Pedro has only pitched 11 innings this Spring due to two rain-outs plus this, he has 10 K's and a 1.64 ERA.
The same article (scroll down to the very bottom) reports that Andres Galarraga could very well be on the Opening Day roster.

The Marlins beat the Mets 7-4 in Pedro's absence, including five runs in three innings off of Yusmiero Petit. Also in the game, Dougie M. (I will leave it as his last initial, for obvious reasons) hit his first home run of the Spring, a solo shot in the second inning that gave the Mets a 1-0 lead.

The MRI of Mike DeJean's calf confirmed that it was strained.

"We're going to treat it hard for a couple of days and then go from there," said DeJean, who has a 9.95 ERA in 6 1/3 innings over six outings. "We'll see how it responds to treatment. I can do anything right now on it, other than run. I can ride the bike, and I'm going to talk to them [the coaching staff] about getting my arm moving so I don't lose that aspect [of my conditioning]. It's probably good that I'm going to get a little rest anyway. Right now it just feels like someone kicked me in the middle of my calf. It's weird. It kind of feels like a charlie horse." (

Seems to me that the Urbina rumors from yesterday are all but true - in fact, I have been told that they were started by a false post on a particular message board that will remain nameless.

Baseball Prospectus named Heath Bell Number 5 on their "Top 5 Players to Watch in 2005" list. I've been a fan of Heath since I met him at Spring Training in 2001. Nice guy - we stood and talked with him for a few innings during one of the games. Since then, I've pretty much followed him through the system as much as I could - mostly with his stat lines on And I digress. reports that MSG Network will provide Spanish simulcasts of select games this season. Here's the press release.

The Mets also apparently added 20 video panels to Shea over the offseason. Is it just me, or are they trying to make Shea more high-tech? They added a bunch last offseason, and now 20 more this offseason. Wow. Shea's video was already better then Turner Field's - I wonder how much moreso it will be this year.

That's pretty much it for now. If there is any more news during the day, I'll post it, assuming I get the opportunity.


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