Sunday, March 13, 2005

Mets notes

First, the not so good news:

Trachsel's maladay is the first significant ailment of the Mets' camp and the first of Willie Randoph's brief managerial tenure, but it is not a first for the 34-year-old pitcher.

According to general manager Omar Minaya, Trachsel has experienced comparable pain in the same general area in the past, but it was never considered serious.

Minaya said the MRI was being administered "just to be cautious." And Randolph said he wasn't concerned, because no diagnosis had been provided.

While injuries are never good, this seems minor. If this had happened during the regular season, we'd probably hear nothing about it.

On to better news...

I foud this to be an informativenotes column from, which focuses primarily on the infield depth:

Randolph was quite aware of Cairo, of course. But he also has seen a lot of Woodward, an American League lifer. Randolph not only endorsed Woodward to general manager Omar Minaya, but he also contacted the 28-year-old all-purpose player and told him how he be used if he signed with Mets.

"I knew Willie knew me because of his time in the American League," Woodward said Sunday.

Woodward was considering signing with the Brewers because he might have a chance to play regularly with Milwaukee. Instead, he agreed to come to the Mets as a non-roster Spring Training invitee, because the chance to play for a winner was more enticing.

Randolph all but announced Woodward had a position on the Opening Day roster on Sunday, then softened his words. But there's almost no chance the skipper will change his feelings about Woodward.

And what Woodward did Sunday only enhanced his chances -- three hits, including two triples, two walks and two RBI in the Mets' 7-6 victory against the Tigers. He also made two impressive plays at shortstop.

It's always interesting to see who ends up surprising during Spring Training. Who would have though that Chris Woodward and Kerry Robinson would be leading candidates for roster spots a couple weeks ago?

Another little tidbit on a possible Urbina deal:

The Mets have had conversations with the Tigers about the availability of veteran reliever Uegeth Urbina. But those talks seemingly are dead now.

The Tigers told the Mets they're no longer interested in moving Urbina, because they believe they have a chance to be competitive this season. And the Mets aren't interested in moving Mike Cameron, who would fit the Tigers' primary need for a center fielder.

Urbina will probably become available in July. Since I doubt Minaya will wait that long to make a deal, it looks like Urbina will not be a Met.

One name that has notbeen talked about at all is Scott Sullivan. Sullivan was a workhorse for the Reds for several seasons, and as a veteran reliever on a less than mediocre team, he'll probably be dealt.


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