Thursday, March 31, 2005

Matthews Makes the Cut

The Mets announced via Omar Minaya on the FAN and a press release on their website that Mike Matthews and Chris Woodward will make the trip north with the rest of the team.

In addition, the Mets today released outfielder Kerry Robinson, optioned outfielder Victor Diaz and righthanded pitcher Aaron Heilman to Norfolk (AAA) of the International League, re-assigned outfielder Gerald Williams and catcher Joe
Hieptas to minor league camp.

New York also placed righthanded pitcher Steve Trachsel on the 60-Day Disabled List yesterday with a herniated disk.

The Mets now have 32 players in camp and 40 players on the 40-Man roster.
It's a bummer that Robinson is gone - he had a good Spring. Oh well, that's why non-roster invitees are a dime-a-dozen; you can't get too attached to them.

I'm a little irritated that Vic "Little Manny" Diaz didn't make the team, however, I feel certain we'll see him if Floyd goes down.

Trachsel will be out for a few months, so no suprises there.


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