Monday, March 21, 2005

Ishii trade finalized

The big news of the day is that the Kaz Ishii deal has finally been finalized.

I like this deal. While Ishii is definitely a work in progress, he's definitely an upgrade over Matt Ginter. Ramon Castro is a downgrade from Phillips offensively, but he's a bigupgrade defensively.

The Mets won both games yesterday. In the first game, Pedro dominated the Dodgers split squad. Reyes made two errors, but stole his eight base. Valent, solidifying his role as a primary pinch hitter, hit a walkoff hmerun in the 9th inning after Manny Aybar, DeJean, and Looper failed to provide relief.

In the second game Andres Galarraga hit a big homerun. While it may be too little too late, I still think he'll end up winning a job on the 25 man roster. Mientiewicz and Luis Garcia also had doubles. Matt Ginter also pitched a scoreless inning, putting himself high in the pecking order for a middle relief spot.


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