Friday, March 11, 2005

Good news, bad news

The bad news is that the Mets lost 8-2 yesterday, and Carlos Beltran lost two balls in the sun.

Though the game wasn't a total washout, Jason Phillips had a couple of RBIs. No matter what Randolph keeps preaching about defense from the backup catcher, if Phillips keeps hitting like he is now there's no way that he loses his job to Ramon Castro.

The good news, which was reported yesterday, is that Mike Cameron no longer wants to be traded and has accepted his job in rightfield.

Last season, Mike Cameron was the vocal leader the Mets lacked in their clubhouse since the late 80's. While Eric Byrnes would have been a solid player if the Mets had acquired him, it's hard to measure what a happy Cameron means to the Mets.

The Star-Ledger had an interesting piece on Willie Randolph and his relationship with Billy Martin:

It is 7:30 a.m., a few days before the Mets trip here, and Randolph was already in uniform, nearly two hours before his players were required to be ready. His daily workout had already been completed and he had shoved down a quick breakfast.

Back when Martin managed the Yankees, he was often just coming in from the previous night at this hour. His daily workout would consist of a B-12 shot administered by the trainer and a cold shower. Breakfast was lots and lots of black coffee.

"I knew Billy lived on the edge," said Randolph. "There was always that cloud over him."

"But he knew the game," said Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox, the Yankees first base coach in 1977 and a manager in their farm system during some of the Martin era. "He was aggressive. Do your job and he never said nothing. There was only one Billy."

And Randolph, while still mentally sifting the parts of Martin's managerial style he wants to implement and that which he wants to discard, counts himself fortunate to have played for the one and only during Martin's various stormy incarnations in the Bronx.


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