Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Darryl Day

I figured I would start off with the non-Darryl news.

An interesting article from Mets.com about
Mike Cameron's recovery.

In the notes section, there was also this interesting note:

The Cubs, Diamondbacks and Pirates have expressed an interest in Aaron Heilman, whom the Mets are actively trying to move

Good riddance.

Also a couple more cuts today:

Catchers Jesus Flores and John Pachot were assigned to minor league camp, as was southpaw Tim Hamulack

Now, on to Darryl.

I thought the best article was by Steve Popper on North Jersey.com

With the Mets hoping to return to the level of success the franchise enjoyed during Strawberry's tenure, the advice of how to handle the stresses of New York could prove invaluable to such young phenoms as Jose Reyes and David Wright as well as to a newly arrived star such as Carlos Beltran.

"Everybody," said Mike Cameron, who hung out in right field with Strawberry on the team's practice field. "The more time you get in this game, the more experiences you have to share. We all know Straw has been through a whole lot. He's been on the highest spectrum of this whole thing. Whatever he brings, it's all true. Those are the experiences he's been through. Obviously, you take what you go through on a big league basis and try to make a road map for guys."

It is that advice that Strawberry hopes to provide - detailing the pitfalls along his own map.

"Hopefully I can just share with some of these guys what it was like," Strawberry said. "It wasn't about 'I, I.' It was about team. We had a lot of guys that - we did what we did - but once we stepped on that field, it was about us and winning and taking care of our home-field advantage. I think that's what teams are all about, and I think that's what this team is working toward."

You can read more about Darry here, here, and here.


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