Monday, February 28, 2005

Port St.Lucie Summary(full article will be on RTK main page within the week)

I was lucky enough to catch the first Mets full-squad workout on Wednesday. The first surprise of the day was that Pedro Martinez arrived before Carlos Beltran. I would have figured it to be the other way around. After being let in about a half hour late because of a "team meeting", the Mets 2005 season began.

Pedro Martinez- Was real entertaining, good with the fans, and is a breath of fresh air for this formerly lifeless team
Tom Glavine- I'll be honest, he looked like crap. When he was in the bullpen he didn't have much velocity on his fastball, even for Glavine standards. When he was throwing BP, he had control problems as Reyes didn't even swing at his garbage.
Kris Benson- His size really opened my eyes, he seemed to have good pop on his fastball. Look for a good year in him.
Steve Trachsel- Saw him throw BP, he was nothing special. Didn't look great, but also didn't look horrible.
Victor Zambrano- Seems to be hanging out with Pedro alot. I didn't see him pitch, but he was working on his pickoff move with Pedro.

Jose Reyes- He was hitting linedrives to all fields in BP. He seems to be using the opposite field more, and looked better lefthanded than I'm used to seeing Reyes hit.
Kaz Matsui- Let me be honest, he looked terrible. He hit pop up after pop up and didn't put many balls on the ground. On a positive note he hit an absoulte bomb to rightfield, and he seems like a nice guy if that counts for anything.
Carlos Beltran- Looked solid, not exactly in mid-season form, but solid overall. Like Reyes, he was hitting to both fields. He has a beautiful swing, but the power wasn't there on day one as he hit one homerun.
Mike Piazza- Impressed me the most by far. He hit about 5 homeruns in a row at a point. He was absoultely clobbering the ball. The power is apparently still there.
Mike Cameron- He was injured, but I saw him play some rightfield. He caught everything, but seemed to have trouble getting good jumps on the ball.
Cliff Floyd- I saw him hit in the cages, he seemed to have a good session. His bat speed seemed slow, but man the ball jumps off his bat. According to him, he's beem working on his lower arms over the winter, and is looking to get around the ball quicker.
David Wright- Smaller than I thought he would be. He hit a few homeruns, a few potential doubles and a few potential singles. Overall, he was hitting consistantly.
Doug Mientkiewicz- He has a nice swing, but he isn't exactly the most powerful guy. The ball just dies off his bat. He was hitting some nice line drives though, but don't expect much power.

Andres Galaragga- Was absoutely killing the ball. Look for him to make the roster, and have a big impact.
Eric Valent- Looked very good, had power. He surprised me the most, and he seemed to impress Hojo too.
Victor Diaz- Had some decent power to leftfield. Wasn't hitting the ball much the other way though.
Mike Dejean- I didn't see him pitch, but man is he a nice guy. Spent about a half hour signing.

See more on RTK in the coming days, including pictures.



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