Sunday, February 06, 2005

My rant against the Patriots

My complaint against the Patriots is simple:

They were never meant to happen.

-Tom Brady should have never even gotten the chance to play. Drew Bledsoe should have never been injured. He should have finished his good, yet unspectacular, as the New England Patriots Quarterback.
-They never should have defeated the Oakland Raiders
-The Rams were the best team in the world. That team was as good as any other in recent history. If there was going to be a dynasty in the salary cap era, it should have been the St. Louis Rams. The Patriots were not supposed to win that game. It defied, and still does defy, all logic.
-They shouldn't have rebounded after having one of their captain's, Lawyer Milloy, unceremoniously cut before the start of the 2003 season. Any normal team would have struggled for at least half a season.
-John Kasay's kick should have never gone out of bounds.
-No secondary featuring Randall Gay, Asante Samuel, Troy Brown, Hank Poteat, and Dexter Reid, should be able to shut down elite offenses.
-Edgerrin James should have been able to score from the goal line. At least once.
When did Deion Branch become Jerry Rice?
When did Mike Vrabel?


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