Sunday, February 27, 2005

Just go away!

Well, when we thought we were through hearing from David Sloane, everyone's favorite agent, he strikes back to throw Al Leiter under the bus.

I can't blame Leiter, he's now a member of the Marlins and he has the right to do whatever he thinks is necessary to help them win. But why the hell would Sloane reveal what Leiter said? He may have extended his 15 minutes of fame, but because of the way he's alienated people the clock probably won't restart any time soon.

Players talk, and I doubt Leiter is happy about this. Sloane, who's second "best" client is Mike Timlin, will probably have a hard time finding new clients.


Blogger donmorf1 said...

This blog started well but has become disappointing. The past week has been filled with little more than opinion similar to posts on the Mets message board. For some reason I had expected to see fresh stories each day. It's clear that no one from this blog is doing any reporting from Port St. Lucie and that is not impressive.

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