Sunday, February 13, 2005

David Wright

As a Mets fan, we haven't had many glory days lately. The closest thing we've had to a successful season recently was an 82-80 record in 2001, but even that was a disappointment, coming off of a pennant winning season. This offseason has given Mets fans the most to be excited for in a long time. However, despite the acquisitions of Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran, the player that I look forward to the most next season isn't a veteran with an eight-figure contract, and hasn't even appeared in an all-star game -- yet. That player is David Wright, and he is ready to take the reigns from Mike Piazza as the Mets' new slugger.

David was always a solid prospect, but he kept a low radar and was never mentioned withthe top prospects around the league, like Andy Marte. Early in the 2003 season at single-A St. Lucie, David hit a slump in the summer. Club officials checked out David's stats, and it was soon found out that David was hitting much higher on the road than at home, where he really struggled. They approached David about it, and soon the problem was discovered: Wright was coming to Home games hours early and taking tons of extra batting practice and a lot more ground balls, and tiring himself out before games. Basically, Wright was working too hard! The problem was fixed, and David went on a tear to end the season, including leading his team to the FSL title.

The next season, Wright's stcok skyrocketed, as he posted a rediculous .363/.467/1.086 stat line in AA Binghamton in 60 games. The Mets promoted him to AAA Norfolk, his home town. David didn't disappoint his family and friend, putting up a .298/.388/.967 for 31 games before the Mets finally promoted him to the big show. Wright struggled early on while adjusting to major league pitching, but soon got into a groove, putting up big time numbers in individual games (he had a 6 RBI day against Milwaulkee) and proving that he belonged in the Majors.

Wright finished the year with a .293/.332/.857 line as a 21-year-old rookie playing in a pitcher's park. He will only get better as time goes on, and I'm looking forward to a long, successful career full of all-star apearances, gold gloves, and hopefully World Series titles!


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