Sunday, February 13, 2005

Battle of the Fluff Pieces

With Spring Training now about half a week away, the battle of the fluff pieces is on.

The NY Post has an interesting interview with David Wright, in which he taks about Anna Benson, steroids, and hot 11 year olds.

The Star-Ledger also did an impressive job today:

The Baseball circus begins

Randolph did not return telephone calls for this story. But he has been in the game long enough and around New York long enough to know that, while they pale in comparison to the antics that often go on at Camp Steinbrenner, the Mets are capable of causing a fuss.

Remember back in 1989, when Keith Hernandez and Darryl Strawberry squared off during the annual team picture?

In 1997, Bobby Valentine's first spring training as Mets manager, reliever John Franco and catcher Todd Hundley presented Valentine with a cake on Valentine's Day, which was also the first day of camp, and then pushed the manager's face into it. Within two years, Hundley was no longer on the team and Franco was no longer the closer.

In 1998, Bernard Gilkey was arrested for driving under the influence. When he was asked what he had learned as a result of the incident, the outfielder said, "Not to drive when your tail light doesn't work." The frazzled Mets brought Gilkey back 20 minutes later to clarify his comments.

Three springs ago, reliever Guillermo Mota, then with the Dodgers, hit Mike Piazza with a pitch at Dodgertown in Vero Beach. The next year in Port St. Lucie, Mota hit Piazza again and the enraged catcher went into the visitors' clubhouse to try to get at the pitcher.

And who can forget last season, when outfielders Karim Garcia and Shane Spencer distinguished themselves and the franchise when, in front of their wives, they were involved in a brawl. And this was immediately after Garcia had urinated outside a Port St. Lucie pizzeria.


On a more serious note, Tom Seaver is considering retirement.

I've never been a fan of Tom Seaver as an announcer, but it's been great to have a team icon having an active role in the team. Hopefully he does several games for the Mets network in 2006, like some former Yankee stars have done for the Yes Network.


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