Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Another Spring Training preview

If you overlook the fact that the projected bullpen leaves off Mike DeJean and Scott Strickland, this is a pretty good overview of the Mets. It's from a fantasy sports site, so it has an added focus on how players should produce.
TalentedMrRoto.com Mets Spring Training Preview
I found this point interesting:

The Mets have had a recent history of making a splash with their moves from November through February (Mo Vaughn, Jeromy Burnitz, Roberto Alomar), so the players are now going to have to live up to the expectations the media and fans have already piled upon them. They’ll play six games in Cincinnati and Atlanta before the home opener in Flushing on April 11, and if the team is any worse than 3-3 – if not 4-2 – when they sprint out onto the Shea Stadium grass, there will already be questions. That’s New York for you.

So, would you be happy with 3-3? Would you be willing to accept a 2-4 record, understanding that this team won only 71 games last year? Or would you be upset with anything less than 4-2?

That topic can be discussed here


Blogger Dan said...

As you noted, that Mets spring training preview was for a fantasy site. I wrote it, with the instructions that the bullpen listing really only need to include those players who might get a save or two somewhere along the line, or fill in should the closer fail. That said, I do wish I had just put the entire bullpen down. DeJean and Strickland should (I hope) have more of an impact this season than Andres Galarraga or Marlon Anderson. Still, I'll try to make up for it somewhere down the line.

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