Thursday, January 20, 2005

Mets quietly upgrading all parts of team

While the Hot Stove has had its focus (and rightfully so) on the big-time Mets acquisitions of Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran, and the hopeful signing of Carlos Delgado, the Mets have had other issues to deal with. While signing two (and possible three) big-time players can help a struggling team, the Mets were a ninety loss team last season. As much as they'll help, it'll take more than an ace and a five-tool outfielder to bring the Mets back to the playoffs. The Mets struggled with injuries last season, as Jose Reyes, Kazuo Matsui, Mike Piazza, Cliff Floyd, Mike Cameron, Mike Dejean, Orber Moreno, and Jose Parra all spent significant time on the DL last year, or played with (and struggled with) injuries. The Mets have addressed the problem of the injuries as best they could by firing their incompetent medical staff (the same medical staff who misdiagnosed Mike Dejean, sending him back to the mound to pitch with a broken leg). They also dealt with the problem of having one of the weakest benches in baseball with the signings of Chris Woodward, Miguel Cairo, and Marlon Anderson.

However, maybe the biggest problem last year was a bullpen that struggled to get outs, and blew many a game for Mets starters. The Mets can improve just by staying healthy and using their bullpen more wisely (for example, not trotting a pitcher like Mike Stanton out every day). If Orber Moreno (who allowed hitters to slug .244, second best in baseball among pitchers with 30 IP) can stay healthy, he can be a very solid reliever. A full season of Tyler Yates, who touches 98 MPH and was lights out to end the 2004 season, can yield great results. Mike Dejean posted a 1.69 ERA with the Mets last season. Dae Koo, who pitched in Korea, has a very unorthodox delivery, which is said to be devastating to left-handed hitters.

The bottom-line is, that Omar Minaya has done a great job in filling out the roster this offseason, even looking past the signings of the best position player and pitcher on the market. If Willie does his job with them, and the Mets' new doctors do theirs, then the fans in Flushing could be rockin' deep into October.


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