Saturday, January 01, 2005

Javier Vazquez To Mets?

What a busy offseason it has been for the Mets. The signing of Pedro is the first step on getting the Mets back on the map, but he can't do it alone. Despite having a "set rotation", I would like to propose the question is our rotation really set? I say, no. Sure guys like Pedro, Glavine and Trachsel are proven quality pitchers, but Benson is a question mark, and Zambrano has to prove he is healthy. Odalis Perez is always an option, but there happens to be a guy I prefer over him. The name? Javier Vazquez. Yes, we all know Javy has struggled in the Bronx, but he still has loads of potential. The year before coming to the Yankees, he had a 3.24 ERA, with a record of 13-12. Not too shabby for a guy who was on an incumbent team such as the Expos. As much as fans don't like to admit it, the Mets are rebuilding, in a way. They need to take risks like Vazquez, if they want to succeed. He has more promise than Zambrano, and he has a better health history. Since it looks like Javy is headed to the cash-strapped Arizona Diamondbacks, they are going to unload him. My proposal you ask? Zambrano,Keppel and Brazell. Zambrano has promise, like Vazquez but is cheaper, something AZ is looking for. Keppel is a solid prospect still, and Brazell has some power at firstbase. And say you trade Trachsel , you can still sign Perez. Martinez-Glavine-Perez-Benson-Vazquez isn't too shabby, and with the addition of a solid bat in the lineup, you are looking at a team that can win 85 games. Not bad, for a team that lost 90 in 2004.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You spelt Vazquez wrong.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you spelled 'spelled' wrong.

A 'spelt' is a short, indefinite period of time.

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Blogger RTK Staff said...

The Vazquez typo has been fixed.

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