Saturday, January 01, 2005

Beltran Update

By Alex Young

The official meeting dates between Mets GM Omar Minaya and the highly price free agent Carlos Beltran along with his agent, Scott Boras, have been set according to several morning newspapers. Minaya will meet with Boras on Monday to begin negotiations and on Tuesday, Minaya along with other management officials, presumably Jeff Wilpon and Jim Duquette, will meet with Boras and Beltran.

As a previous article on RTK noted, Minaya will likely pitch to Beltran the idea of him being the star of the team and a player that can single handily turn Shea Stadium's lights on deep into October.

On Thursday, Boras stated that Beltran's beginning contract proposals should be nothing less than 7 years, $119 million. Also, it appears that time is quickly dwindling for the Houston Astros to sign Beltran. The Astros, who lose the right to sign Beltran on January 8th, currently have no arranged meeting with Boras or Beltran in the near future.

You can read Alex's original Beltran article on Rounding Third Knight.


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